Give Your Copy Legs 

Skilful copywriting is no easy feat - it’s not just about what you say but how you say it which makes the difference. Good copywriting should make the reader take action, by articulating a thought or selling a product creatively, and it will effectively resonate with its intended audience.

We’re exposed to endless amounts of information on a daily basis which means readers spend more time skimming than actually reading. Ultimately, your writing needs to be specific and precise. It also needs to speak to search engines, not just humans. Yikes!

Strong copywriting must be clear, and that means being authentic, accurate and understood (by humans and robots!) all at the same time. Start off by thinking in your target audience’s shoes: what are their aims and desires? What will make them take action? From there, phrase your copy in a way that directly appeals to their desires.

Here are some tips from our expert copywriting team at made4media on how to write effective copy:

  1. Emotions rule. Emotional triggers like anger, fear or humour can cause powerful responses in your audiences. Use them wisely.

  2. Create a sense of entitlement. Sadly, our society is becoming more selfish and more self-involved, which means minds are becoming more narcissistic. The positive here, is that marketers can use this sense of entitlement to appeal and evoke an emotional response in customers.

  3. Numbers stack up. Using statistics in copy can allow you to be a step ahead of a competitor as it can help your reader make a decision based on facts.

  4. Focus on benefits. This again is a nod to the narcissist in us all. Let your copy tell the reader how your product or service will make their life easier.

  5. Inject personality. Every brand has its own unique tone of voice and style so it’s important to stick to this. It showcases who you are as a company, and allows you to be different to the others.

  6. Tell a story. Stories are compelling and if written well, they can draw readers into a world they too want to be a part of, and leave them hungry for more.

  7. Always have a purpose. With the boom of content in the marketing realm, you may just feel the need to create lots of writing just for the sake of it. Whilst having a library of content can be useful, it all must have a purpose and fit into the overall strategy.
If you’re feeling overwhelmed about where to start, or just need someone to assist or advise your team, have a chat to us at made4media. Professional copywriting, combined with our marketing acumen and social media expertise will build your company’s authority, generate leads and enhance your overall brand. If it’s done well, your writing will become an asset to your business which far outweighs any investment made to create it.

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