Advertising & Budget Management

Advertising That Works and Budgeting Made Easy! 

It’s well-known in today’s society that social media is continuing to grow and gain more reach, and it certainly isn’t going away any time soon. With this in mind, it makes sense for businesses to leverage this and use social media and its advertising benefits to their advantage. If your business hasn’t started social media advertising yet, it’s time to start!

Why? Here’s some reasons why, and these are just a few to get you started:

1. Cost of ads are lower. 
When compared to traditional advertising methods like TV and radio or print advertising, the cost per ad is much lower. You can reach thousands of targeted eyeballs with a simple social media ad which costs a fraction of the price to place. Don’t forget there’s much lower production costs as well.

2. Targeted reach. 
With traditional advertising comes a broad, shotgun approach where you try to reach an audience with a single message, who are likely to be uninterested in what you have to say. Social media advertising allows you to specifically target an audience, depending on location, age, interests etc. You can reach the right audience at the right time, and convert more quality leads.

3. Measurable, real-time results. 
Once a print ad runs or a billboard is installed, that’s it, you can’t change it. Plus, you can’t truly learn from it either, and you’ve paid a premium for it. Social media advertising allows you to truly measure the effectiveness of your advertising and budget, in real-time. You can see exactly how many people have seen your ad, how many times it’s been clicked on, and if those viewers have converted somehow. There’s a lot of power behind data and the knowledge it brings. 

4. Real-time adjustments and optimisations. 
Data and analytics allow you to see how well your social ads are tracking, and you can immediately change and optimise if you need to. Social ads provide the opportunity to change creative instantly, update messaging, try new links and different formats as the campaign is live. This enables a business to better leverage their budget and choose things to turn off or change tactic quickly if they aren’t working.

5. Create conversations. 
Why not try your hand at starting some conversations with a potential audience? Talking to customers allows you to build favourability and you can engage them with important information or things they find interesting. Ask them a question or start a debate to get the ball rolling and start spreading the word about the great work you do!

It’s tricky to understand what your daily social media advertising budget should be and how often you should be optimising and checking the results. One day your budget could run out in a hour and the next it’s barely touched - that’s the nature of the social media beast.

The expert made4media social media team are masters at achieving social media success. We know that when it comes to social media advertising, you have to proceed with a specific set of goals and strategy, and we understand that spending more doesn’t necessarily result in greater success.

Let made4media become an extension of your marketing team - we’ll set correct budgets, choose the right channels and clearly report on your success and provide learnings for next time.

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